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The Seret & Sons Shop

Ira Seret came of age amid the pop art scene of 1960’s New York. He made his first trip to Afghanistan in 1968 in search of the embroidered sheepskin coats that he would help turn into one of the iconic looks of the era. Having fallen in love with Afghanistan, Ira stayed for 10 years.

He gained fame in fashion and interior design circles and was instrumental in bringing the Asian aesthetic to the West. Drawing on the rich artistic traditions of Central Asia, Ira developed his unique style of carpet, fabric, and furniture design, establishing himself as the preeminent resource for the international design community. Buying and designing for Anne Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Angela Donghia, Bloomingdales, Stark Carpet, and others, Ira’s creative spirit flourished.

In 1974 Sylvia, joined him in Kabul, and together they established a carpet factory in the northern region of Balkh. In 1977 their son, Isaiah, was born and the following year the family left Afghanistan after a Russian backed coup took over the Afghan government. Drawn to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the high desert landscape and traditional architecture resembled that of Kabul, Ira and Sylvia established Seret & Sons to showcase their impressive private collection of textiles and furniture amassed during their years abroad.

The business has expanded over the years into one of the world’s most unique collections of Central Asian Silk Road and South Asian imports. For the past 26 years, The Inn of The Five Graces has been Ira and Sylvia’s creative endeavor and a showcase for their unique design aesthetic.

The Seret & Sons Family

Ira Seret at Seret & Sons
Ira Seret
Ira Seret and Sylvia Seret are the owners and founders of Seret & Sons. After leaving Afghanistan in the mid 80's they settled in Santa Fe and opened Seret & Sons as a way to bring their unique collection to the West.
Sylvia Seret at Seret & Sons
Sylvia Seret
Sylvia utilizes her design talents at Seret & Sons, working closely with handicrafts people and cottage industries from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and countries in Central Asia.
Tato Rojo
Tato has worked for Seret & Sons for over 35 years. He manages a small team that we trust to safely, maintain, catalog and care for the thousands of unique items in our collection.
Himal Pradhan
Himal Pradhan, a native of Nepal, is our head of sales and resident Tibetan antiquities expert. Himal has over 20 years of experience working with, appraising and selling Antiques and is an invaluable member of our sales team.
Ajna Seret
After graduating college and spending time abroad Ajna decided to work for the family business. Ajna takes on many of the day to day responsibilities of running the business allowing Ira to focus his energies on other projects.
Sharif Seret
With a keen mind for management Sharif Seret was instrumental in streamlining our operations, bringing us from a family run mom-and-pop store to an efficient and well managed business. Sharif has since gone on to apply the same methods at The Inn of The Five Graces.
Grace Sebesta
Grace is the office manager at Seret & Sons. She has worked for us nearly 15 years, managing all aspects of the store's finances, taxes, payroll and human resources. With a warm smile and friendly disposition, Grace continues to be an invaluable member of the Seret & Sons family.
Damian Jr.
Damian Jr., or DJ as we call him, came to work for us as a saleperson in the summer of 2016. The son of Damian Sr., DJ represents the second generation of employees in the Seret & Sons family. With a bright smile and positive attitude DJ is an exceptional saleman and has been very successful with us.